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Counted amongst the innovative, and the most industrious Wedding Planner in Kerala, Neelambari Events & Weddings specialize in wedding ceremonies which cut across the social spectrum. Driven by passion and a deep sense of professionalism, we at Neelambari Events & mWeddings pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our client’s unique needs and to ensure that the wedding experience is a most memorable one. Motivated by a keen desire to make each wedding a unique and unforgettable affair, we strive towards making the entire ceremony a fun filled affair.

What makes us one of the most sought after Wedding Planners in Kerala is our innate ability to cater to the demands of a wide ranging clientele. Even as we keep ourselves abreast of the most recent advancements in technology, it is our enduring respect for tradition, which at Neelambari Events & Weddings enjoys a blissful marriage with modernity, which sets us apart.

Dynamic and flexible in our outlook, the readiness to combat unforeseen challenges and last, but not the least, our attention to detail gives us the cutting edge in an industry riddled with chaos and confusion. Our motto is audaciously simple – “Your Dreamz beautifully crafted".

!!! your dreamz beautifully crafted !!!

What We Do

They say marriages are made in heaven. And, we Neelambari Events & Weddings plan them on earth. Whatever your style, be it traditional or contemporary, simplistic or extravagant we will work with you to create a wedding day that is completely tailored to your dreams.

Taking all your requirements into consideration, we provide you with best of the best in the industry. With the wide array of specific needs for each wedding we offer you a one-stop solution for all your wedding requirements. We will provide you with a range of options for each requirement which will ease and facilitate your decision making process.

  • We cater to:
  • Traditional Indian Weddings of Any Religion & Any Region
  • Cross Cultural Weddings
  • Destination Weddings
  • North Indian Style Weddings


When you say, ‘I Do’, you make a deep commitment. You promise each other to spend the rest of your life together, for eternity. So, to share this occasion with your loved ones, you start your preparation. You will be looking for a wedding planner who can make your dream wedding a reality. You want the right wedding planner who can create magical moments on your special day.

So, here comes “Neelambari Events & Weddings”, to embark on this wedding planning adventure, committed to ensure your wedding and its planning goes exactly the way you dreams of. Making a pleasant journey to the grand finale and adding lots of smiles while we are it. Passionate about what we do, we work with the people best in the business.

We will work with you to ensure that your celebration is personal and beautiful which makes your heart swell with joy. That’s what wedding designing and coordination at ‘Neelambari Events & Weddings’ is all about.



Wedding Announcements

Once the date and venue of the wedding is fixed, it’s time to invite and share the happy news with family and friends.


Wedding Monogram

A wedding monogram can be an elegant way to personalize your celebration and make it memorable. A monogram is created with the bride & groom’s initials or names, which will be utilized throughout the wedding events.


Wedding Invitations

After the finalization of the wedding dates and venue, usually the first thing that gets finalized is the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation has to be carefully designed with emphasis on subtle wordings and designs. Every couple has their own ideas regarding their wedding invitation.The wedding planners at Neelamabari Events have access to wedding invitation vendors who can deliver on exquisite finishing and textures. The Eco-friendly Invites - A trend that is catching up these days is the eco-friendly wedding invitation. Eco-friendly wedding invitations are designed on special paper that can be recycled. Invitation Videos - A wedding invitation can also be substituted by wedding invitation videos which are in the form of 1 minute or 2 minute teasers, inviting the guests to the wedding function. These wedding videos can be made into humourous and lively representations of the couple and their life stories, giving the invited guest a reason to smile.


Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are a growing trend among modern couples. We will help you to share your wedding with your guests by creating a fun, secure and innovative website.


Wedding Page for Social Media

Location, lodging, program schedules, lunch meetings, team activities… all these need intricate and accurate plans to fall in place. A successful event is more than what you see on the outside.


Live Streaming of Wedding

Family & friends who cannot make it to the wedding will not miss out on the event. The wedding functions can be streamed live through our website and social media.


Catering Management

Kerala Sadya or Biryani or Rotis? How about both or neither? There’s so much to wedding food than chicken or paneer. Aside from your mesmerizing wedding ceremony, your wedding food will likely be the second most-talked-about element of your wedding. Apart from throwing a great party, having an impressive spread of food and drinks will delight your guests and keep them satisfied throughout the celebration. Spice up your wedding event with some of our unique ideas for your wedding menu A​nd we too associate with Vee Kay Vee’s Caterers​, Naushad’s Big Chef​, Nila Caterers​, Harvest Catering​, Joecees Caterers​, Casserole Caterers​ and more​ ​ ​ ​


The Engagements

Traditionally, an engagement ceremony was meant to allow family members & friends to get to know each other before the big day. Nowadays, these ceremonies are a grander affair, sometimes it even takes the form of a mini-wedding. TheNeelamabri edge lies in bringing in the uniqueness & difference we bring to the engagement ceremony. We take it as an exciting challenge to make it exclusively dissimilar from the wedding while abiding to the different religious ceremonies and formalities.


Haldi, Mehandi & Sangeeth

The Haldi ceremony is like an ancient Indian spa ritual. In this ceremony the family members attempt to 'beautify' the bride and groom by applying a paste of turmeric (Haldi) on their face, hands and feet. Mehendi Ceremony A Mehendi ceremony is usually held by the bride’s family. Ladies gather around sing, dance and apply Mehendi on their hands & feet. The bride also has her Mehendi done during this ceremony. Sangeet party is the most vibrant and fun part of an Indian wedding. Today, Sangeet is often celebrated on a grand scale and is generally a themed event with the couple’s family and friends performing choreographed dances and skits.


Wedding Parties

Parties prior to the wedding are usually organized at the premises of the residence or resort / hotel where the bride or groom stays. We can organize theme parties or a relaxing casual dinner party at whichever venue chosen. We will ensure the bride, groom and the family members are relaxed before the Big Day.​


The Wedding

Kerala is a glorious setting for a magical wedding. With its breathtaking beauty, rich heritage and charming seasons, it is one of the most sought after destinations for luxury weddings and intimate nuptials. With firsthand knowledge of the locale and wide exposure to the world, wedding planners at Tamarind know how to throw a party, keeping intact the solemnity and sanctity of a blessed union.The much awaited day of your life! They say marriages are made in heaven. And, we team neelambari plan them on earth. From the fun to finance, from shopping for bridal wear to selecting the venue, from bespoke wedding invites to ferrying guests back and forth, ​we will be with you every step of the way. Once we start organizing your wedding together, we won’t rest until you’re on your way to the honeymoon!


Wedding Receptions

A Wedding Reception is as important as the Wedding. This is when all the traditions and customs take a backseat and everyone sets to unwind and relax. The bride and groom interact with the guests and get introduced to relatives and friends from both sides. Wedding Receptions can be celebrated in different styles .. Breakfast / Brunch Wedding Reception, Lunch Receptions, Hi-Tea Receptions, Champagne & Cake Receptions , Western Sit Down Dinners and more


Makeup & Styling

Flawless Face, Gorgeous Hair, Radiant Appearance “Oh... You look so beautiful!!” The expression every bride wants to hear on her wedding day. Looking completely perfect on you wedding day brings in confidence & a broad happy smile on your face. Neelambari Events& Weddings have closely associated with a handful of qualified & established makeup-styling artists with national & international experience in Bride / Groom styling. We understand that every couple is different and whether you are looking for nude & flawless look or Hollywood / Bollywood glam; our artists will transform you to match your dream.


The Honeymoon Trips

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.we paln fronm the Best Luxury Honeymoon Packages - customized even overseas ,Our Honeymoon trips will provide you with best services to have the loveliest moments of your life.


Videography & Photography

Every wedding has a love story behind it which can be filmed and made into an epic wedding video! A beautifully shot wedding video will not only say your story, but will give you and your guests something special to remember! and "A picture is worth a thousand words!" - Someone very rightly said! And our wedding planners would love to make your wedding photographs speak your entire story! To capture your special moments, we recommend candid wedding photography! our expert team will convert your dream into reality.


All to Travel

On your big day, you want to travel in style! Neelambari Events&Weddings will make sure you have the best class transportation arranged for you and your guests. Arrive in style at your wedding in a classic vintage car, or a sleek limousine, or even an awesome sports car! You name it, we will deliver it! Team Neelambari can also arrange Volvo and AC-buses for long distance travelers. We also book flight tickets for inbound wedding guests. A small cruise on the bay waters? That too, arranged! On your wedding day, you would want nothing to go wrong... No delays, no road blocks, no worries! Our expert team will provide transportation assistance for the family and the guests, not just on the day of the wedding, but even for the days before and after the function.


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